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New Character Sketches

Kenji Toison

Kenji Toison

2013-03-30 19-32-01

Montgomery Kyle

Baron O’Bailey


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Character Sketches

I finished keying the character sketches with links to the stories in which each is featured. I hope this makes it easier to read about the characters you most enjoy. I also posted three new sketches. I am always looking for new character ideas to work into the world of Delphia. So if you have a character in your mind that you would like to come alive in my world, drop me the idea in the comments and I will write a story about them. Some of the greatest inspirations come from the strangest places, so no idea is a bad one.

I was also wondering if any of you folks are incorporating games into your stories (you know how Potter has Quidditch)  I have already mentioned archery contests and weasel chases in my stories, but I was planning on putting some more in the books. How do you feel about games in books? I am not trying to invent my own game (I tried, but never could get it completely squared away, so I abandoned it)

I started on my new story for Legends Undying. I am excited about where it is going already. I hope that you folks enjoy it. *Remember I will be the new Thursday writer* I appreciate any support I can get in that endeavor. I am nervous and excited about the opportunity, though.

Inspired by Paul Davis‘ poetry entry today, I decided to put an old poem of mine on here for you.


Clutched in the grasp of an uncaring hand

Pinpricks of agony I scarcely understand

Love I thought was real

Was just a simple spell

What I thought was heaven sent

Was really spawned in hell

Easy for you to snatch up

And easy for you discard

But the object of your indifference

Finds inconsistency hard

Your love, a bottomless abyss in which I forever fall

I have been broken, burned, stuck and yet

Remain your voodoo doll

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Game of Thrones (DvD)

I know that I am late to the party, but we finally decided to go ahead and buy Game of Thrones on bluray. I am anxious even though I have heard nothing but positive things about it. I was grossly disappointed in The Hobbit, however, and am having a hard time trusting anyone about movies and shows. My wife and I did enjoy Downton Abbey. We watched all three seasons in about a week and a half. (We were slightly disappointed in the ending of the last episode of season 3; felt like it was way too easy and overdone) If you haven’t watched it yet, give it a shot. The stories are sound, and the characters make you feel for them.

Let me know what you guys think of any of these: Game of Thrones? The Hobbit? Downton Abbey?

I am interested in varying opinions, so hit me with your bet shot (fire away)


Weasley’s were “popping tags” before it was cool!


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Dragon Hunting


“Can both of you please just calm down and let me check my book?” Misha asked sharply. She was not a small lady, but standing next to Sim-Dah and Valladon made her appear that way. “Haven’t you learned that you can’t just go running into a dragon’s lair with no knowledge of what to expect?” Misha was a scholar who had spent her life making notes on dragons and their behaviors. She stood about 5’10” with broad shoulders, and would have been better suited as a fighter. However, she loved to take notes and make sketches of the creatures of Delphia; dragons in particular.

“I hate waiting for you,” Sim-Dah teased. The ogre sat down and started to sharpen his giant axe. “What color is this one again?”

“Green,” Valladon answered. The dark-skinned man was as broad as the ogre, though he was two feet shorter. He wore large shoulder pads and carried a giant bola connected by a heavy chain. Valladon’s tunic was dark green with accents of blue and gold.

Misha thumbed through her green-bound book. “Yeah, green is correct; but it ain’t ‘one’ this time.” Sim-Dah tilted his head in surprise. Valladon’s expression did not change. “This time of year we are more likely to meet a  male and a female. Pyphon usually comes to mate with Thevatara around this time.”

“One for each of us, then,” Sim-Dah stood and approached the well. The three dragon hunters knew that Thevatara’s lair was connected to the well. They knew this because of Misha, and her countless hours of study of such things. “So are we ready to go, or is there more that we should know?’

“You could always stand to know more,” Misha laughed. Even Valladon, who was normally so serious, had to chuckle. The mirth was short-lived, however.

Pyphon had apparently finished his business with Thevatara; and he was exiting through the well. The dragon had smelled the humans and ogre, and therefore had the element of surprise. He quickly filled the air with his neurological toxin, which would cause the lungs to paralyze. The dragon hunters were not expecting the attack, however they were trained well and quickly downed potions to neutralize the effects.

Pyphon siezed the advantage and attacked Sim-Dah. He reared up on his back legs, which left four powerful legs scratching and clawing at the ogre. Sim-Dah did a marvelous job at defending the claws, but Pyphon also had a razor sharp tail. The dragon was able to stab Sim-Dah in the stomach with his tail.

Valladon crushed the dragon in the ribs with one side of his bola. The force knocked the dragon away from his ogre companion, and cracked a few of the verdant scales. Sim-Dah retreated as Valladon stepped between them. Pyphon regained his senses and rocked back on to his hind legs again. He began making strange gestures with his claws.

“He is a caster,” Misha shouted. “I did not know that he was a magic-user.” She was right but it was too late.

Everything went black for Valladon as the blindness washed over him. Pyphon thought to end it quickly for the dark human, but he had underestimated the resilience of Sim-Dah. Just as the dragon’s mouth opened to crush the stumbling man’s head, the ogre chopped down on him. The cut went right in front of Pyphon’s eyes; severing his snout from his head. His momentum carried him into Valladon, but the man was simply hit by a bloody stump. Still, the force was enough to knock the unsuspecting man to the ground.

Pyphon scrambled backward toward the forest, but Sim-Dah cut him down before he could make it. The three dragon hunters stood in a daze for many moments. Once the adrenaline had worn off, Sim-Dah realized how badly he had been injured by the dragon’s tail. Valladon was helpless as he waited for the blindness spell to wear off. Misha was taking notes.

“I think we should wait a little bit before we go after Thevatara, guys,” Misha said offhandedly. Valladon and Sim-Dah had no problems with that idea.



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Len Weatherly

I am 36 years old. I love my wife more than anything in this whole world. We have a son who just turned 3, and he is crazy about choo choo trains. We live in Mississippi on the coast.

As a gentleman, I let my wife walk in front of me through restaurants and such. However, I hate that I have to basically push her out of the way to open the door for her. I try to snake my way around quickly and snatch the handle, but it always just seems awkward. Then there is the dreaded double doors, like at Barnes and Noble. To hold the first door open means that I have to bull rush over her to open the second door; never a good thing. She certainly has the capability to open doors, but it is something that I like to do. Also, I am that guy that holds the door for the people who are really too far away to wait on. .


I hate when waiters and waitresses don’t keep my drink filled.

I have performed in Carnegie Hall in New York. It was an amazing experience, and I am lucky to have been a part of it. I was in the concert choir as well as the show choir in high school and college.My favorite song that we sang there was The Cantique de Jean Racine. Check it out.

I played soccer for my high school as well, and spent many nights changing from shin guards to tuxedo while driving in the car. I was not unpopular in high school, but my love of fantastic elements (D&D and such) had me hanging out with the “nerds”. I knew and was friends with the preppy kids, we played baseball and soccer together, but I found that my real friends were the nerds. I would gladly call myself that now, having seen the lives that the preps live now.

I was always a tiny kid. When I graduated high school I stood 5’3″ and weighed a whopping 93 lbs. I was tough, though, and scrappy. I think back on my days in school and I only regret that I did not study. I made A’s and B’s without having to study at all. If I could have pushed myself just a little bit, I could have made all A’s and perhaps gotten an academic scholarship. I will push my son harder to make better grades in school (lucky him)

I just wanted to share a little bit about me as I prepare to start on a new journey in my writing. I want to keep the story I will be writing for Legends Undying set in the realm of Delphia, but I also want to stay away from the characters that I already have plans for. So, I petition you folks to give me some ideas about what races you would like to read more about in my world. Want me to write about elves? Dwarves? Orcs? Dragons? Just let me know so I can brainstorm.

Check out the new character sketch of Lord Cunningham. Also, I am working on putting links to the posts which feature each character. So if you see someone interesting, you can easily find stories about that character. Let me know what you think. Thanks guys, I really need your input; so help me out.


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I am excited to be part of the writing group Legends Undying. Thank you to James and all of the others for this wonderful opportunity.

Legendary Post

LenWelcome New Thursday Story Writer… Len Weatherly

Answering Our “Call To Arms… Writers Wanted” Post, is none other than Len Weatherly @ The Kraken’s Wake

Though Len was kind enough to offer to help out by Joining Our Sunday Crew, I know that Stories are his Specialty, and so have Offered him instead Thursdays, as one of our Weekly Story Posters.

Thursdays were Originally for Stories, but have become a Random Posting Day during the last few months or so, but in truth Bringing on Another Story Writer such as Len, is more appealing to me as the Site Creator.

Thus, Beginning a Week from Tomorrow, Len will be Begin Posting!

From all of us here at “Legends Undying”, Welcome to our Band of Writers Len!


*Those Still Interested in being Sunday Writers, Continue Sending me your E-Mails to LegendsUndying@Yahoo.Com

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Lord Cunningham

Lord Cunningham

I will posting Lord Cunningham’s character sketch tomorrow as well as a short story featuring this villain.

Look for updates on the character sketches as well.


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