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What Race Would You Be In Delphia?

I thought it would be fun to find out what race my readers/followers would be. In Delphia (the world in which my stories are set) the races may be slightly different than what you are used to; so I will put a brief description of general characteristics

Dwarf – a short and stout race standing around 4 ½ feet tall and weighing as much as a grown human. They are known for their teamwork and dedication, as well as their hard work. Most dwarves have long beards, and it is considered shameful for a dwarf to be clean shaven. The dwarves live inside Mount Duran. Dwarves prefer axes and hammers; both of which can also be used as tools.


Elf – a tall and slender race standing around 7 feet tall and weighing the same as grown human, perhaps a little more. The elves have pointed ears and almond shaped eyes. Elves prefer light weapons, such as bows, spears and thin bladed swords.Elves are at one with nature. They live in the forest called Alhaven. The elves blend their structures into the forest, so as not to disturb the natural beauty.


Giant – the giants stand between 12 – 15 feet tall with broad hulking frames. They live in a city called Titus which lies in the snowy mountains of the north. These brutes are as tough as the climate in which they survive. Giants are strong and hardy, but they are not known for their kindness. They like to use huge axes as well as hammers but shun the use of shields.


Gnome – a small race standing around 4 feet tall and weighing 60-80 lbs. Known for their sense of community and caring. Gnomes have large eyes, and like to fix their hair into strange fashions. They have no preference for weapons; preferring peace to war at almost any cost. The gnomes live in Oliveloft, a large city that sits atop a grassy hill.


Halfling – a small race standing close to 4 feet tall but weighing slightly less than the gnomes. Halflings more closely resemble small elves, with pointed ears and almond eyes. The halflings are violent and malicious. They recently waged a war on the humans, which they lost. Since then they have lost their homeland, Slinkton, which was a small island formed by a volcano. Halflings are considered the cruelest race in all of Delphia.


Human – humans average a height of around 5’8″. They live a shorter lifespan than the other races of Delphia. This makes them eager to get as much out of their lives as possible. Humans work very hard to get the things they want. They live in the city of Pinevale, a small settlement that borders the orc city of Locwood. Humans are the most diverse race in all of Delphia.


Ogre – the ogres stand close to 9 feet tall and weigh 400 – 450 pounds. Their skin is usually brownish with some ogres ranging in bluish hues. Ogres live in the mountains by the giants, and their armies constantly skirmish at the borders. The ogres are known for a special type of magic which allows them to blend two creatures together in some strange amalgamations. They live in the city of Yendar, on the south side of the mountains.


Orc – a race that stands between 6-7 feet tall and easily weighing 300 pounds. The orcs have built a community near the human settlement of Pinevale. They are incredibly strong and known to be reckless. Orcs take what they want, usually in a savage manner. The orcs have porcine noses and their skin tends to have hints of color that range from yellow to purple. They live in the city of Locwood, which is dangerously close to the human settlement of Pinevale.


Therian – a creature affected by a disease which allows them to change forms into that of animals. There are two different types of therians; those who are born with the disease, and those who are affected later in life by contact with another therian. Therians who are born are called “true” therians. The mood of a therian can change quickly, which makes others uneasy around them. Shadowmire is the city of the therians and it sits in the middle of swampland.


Troll – an amphibious race capable of breathing air or in the water. They are basically the same size as elves, but with longer arms that end in large clawed hands. Their hands and feet are both slightly webbed for greater swimming proficiency. Trolls love to steal; rather it be land or goods. There are fresh water trolls as well as salt water trolls. Salt water trolls are larger than their cousins. The trolls live in Sobeck Grotto which is located in the waters near Alhaven. There is no way to get in or out of the troll city without swimming underwater for an extended period of time.



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Sketches of King Jericho

King Jericho



King Jericho

Race – Human (Therian)

Height – 6’6″ (7’5″)

Weight – 235 lbs (300 lbs)

Hair Color – Blonde

Eye Color – Brown

Weapons – Longsword

Armor – The Shield of Shadowmire, simple chain mail tunic

Standing 6’6″ with a muscular frame, it is hard not to notice Jericho. His flowing blonde hair perfectly frames a well defined face. His smile is so disarming that people seldom notice the longsword and shield strapped to his back. He carries himself in such a manner that demeans his royalty; making him seem less “kingly” at times and more commoner. Shadowmire has risen to become respectable among the other cities. Jericho and his council are the main reason.

The Shadowmire Shield is like the crown of the therian city. It is emblazoned with many different animal glyphs, and represents the protection Shadowmire is willing to offer any therian; true or otherwise. It is infused with magic which can even repel dragon fire, which may be needed in the war-filled that lie ahead.


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We are well underway on our collaborative world, Unitus. This will be a more interactive world where we encourage people to give us ideas about stories and characters.

Please, hop over and check out the fun and exciting writings of Unitus. 

Unitus Logo

There are 5 distinct lands, each created by a separate author.

Dessilus by me

Asamai by D. James

Islands of Insight by Christine

Sesho Region by Cody

Jandor by Paul


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Prologue to The Council of Therian

Penn Darvel

    The house was quiet, except for the creeping figure by the fireplace. He cast a long shadow across the floor as he paced back and forth, mumbling to himself. The man was unimpressive in nearly every way. He stood around six feet, and his weight was average. No fashionable clothes or expensive armor adorned his frame.  He held no weapons, staff, or wand.  When he turned to stare once again at the full moon, however, the impressive nature of the man became obvious. It was the eyes.  His milky white irises were barely perceptible from the rest of his eye.  Normally, it kept any emotion the man felt hidden from the world.  However, the fear and apprehension could easily be seen in his eyes on this night.

“Better to know”, he repeated softly to the darkness, as if the night was palpable and alive.

Then, as if repetition gave power to the words, he unfurrowed his brow and the lines of worry disappeared. The middle aged man finally seemed to believe that litany.

He looked around the room at his possessions.  Each item reminded him of a certain time in his life. Some of them brought tears, while others brought a chuckle. A hammer on the wall, too heavy for the man to use, was a gift from a dwarven smith in town. The seer had a vision some years back that saved the dwarf a lot of money and his reputation. A tapestry, hung on the far wall, was given to him by an elf after he had rescued her daughter from an abandoned well. A simple wooden carving sat on the mantle, given to him by a strange woman visiting from afar. She had been attacked and left for dead, but the seer had found her. Then his eyes fell on a painting, a cursed reminder of the darker side his visions afforded. His life had been rich and satisfying, but it was going to end tonight.

The man slid down into his comfortable chair, another gift.  His hands were still shaking as he lit his pipe.  He raised his pipe to his mouth as it gently smoldered with tobacco. He took a long puff, and heard a voice call out to him.

“Come to bed. My feet are cold and I want you to warm them up,” his wife called from the bedroom of their modest home.  “Mr. Cantor, I don’t know what you were planning when you sent our son to stay at Pnils, but I sure didn’t think it was pacing by the fireplace reminiscing ’bout the good ole days.” She said the last five words in a mocking voice.

Cantor smiled, but it was a smile etched with sadness.  He couldn’t tell her.  He knew the futility of fighting destiny.  So he had written it all down. If he had to die, some good would come of it.  The lantern would absorb his soul as he died, and Pnils would take possession of it.

As he slowly lifted himself out of the chair, he was terrified by his wife’s sudden painful cry.  His pipe dropped out of his hand, and he ran for the bedroom door.  “No! Can’t be, it comes in the front door,” his thoughts raced through his mind.  Before he could open the door, it flew open.  Splintered wood showered the seer, as he was knocked backwards.  He saw his mangled wife lying quietly by the open bedroom window.  She never liked the smell of tobacco.  The seer barely had time to steal a glance at the lantern before the werewolf pounced on him.  Darkness flooded before his pale eyes.

The seer could feel himself being pulled toward the lantern.  He fought the pull, until he heard the familiar voice of his wife calling, “Come to me, my husband.  I am scared.”

The seer went eagerly to his wife. As he wrapped her in his lifeless arms, he stammered, “This changes everything.”

The werewolf lingered a moment too long, sniffing the embers of the spilled tobacco.  The dark figure hunkered there motionless, as if lost in memory.  Then the lantern, impregnated by the two fresh spirits, lit itself with a small magical flame.  Its light fell upon the hunched hybrid, and instantly the monster began to claw itself violently.  The magic of the lantern ignited the blood of the lycan, incinerating his flesh from the inside out.

A light breeze blew in through the open window, and blew the ashes of the werewolf to the fireplace. No sign of seer, wife, or werewolf remained.

Once again, the house was quiet.


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I went to work at 8. Then I went straight from work to my American Literature class. From there I drove to the daycare to pick up my son. Then I took him to meet my wife at Waffle House. I left there and drove back to school for my Spanish class. It has been a long day. I did get to see my wife for about 45 minutes after class before she got called in to work.

I did get to knock up a few sketches, but I am completely exhausted.


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Fantasy Football Team

QB – Peyton Manning

RB – Marshawn Lynch

RB – Steven Jackson

WR – Larry Fitzgerald

WR – Marques Colston

WR – Hakeem Nicks

TE – Owen Daniels

K – Matt Prater

DEF – San Francisco

D – Sean Lee

DB – Brandon Browner


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Former dwarven miner of Dessilus

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Dwarven Heart (Part 4)

“I don’t see how you fight with that big ole axe. It’s no wonder you are so damned strong. If I swung that big thing around all the time, I would be too.” Duluth glanced at the small hand axes he held in each of his own hands. Then he looked to Simeon’s axe, its long handle and huge blade combining to about six feet in length. No telling how much it weighed, but Simeon could put it through a series of attacks as quickly as a swashbuckler would wield a rapier.

“Yeah, make fun now ’cause in a moment you are gonna be begging for mercy.” Simeon took a huge overhead chop at the dwarf.

Duluth easily hopped back, then, in a motion so smooth and fluent that it betrayed his race, he threw the axes at Simeon’s feet. The huge man had to react quickly and nearly toppled as he managed to avoid the axes which sunk in the ground. “Let’s play,” the dwarf snorted. As Simeon pulled his axe free, he heard Duluth growl. No matter how many times he had seen it, it always scared him a little. The growl became a cry of anguish and relief as the dwarf’s body convulsed. His bone structure shifted, his skull reformed, and coarse grey and black hair blanketed him. His fingers hardened, thickened, and grew into enormous claws capable of digging through stone. So there he crouched, arms wagging in front of him, ready for his daily training session.

“I hate when you do that,” Simeon laughed.

“Shhhh,” Duluth put a huge claw to his badger lips, “Never talk to your opponent. You must always concentrate on battling, not babbling.”

Simeon took the lesson to heart. He knew to listen to the dwarf, who had seen more battles than the young man would ever see. Still, the man managed a smile as he wondered how many people could say that they were trained by a werebadger. Probably not many at all, and that suited Simeon just fine. It made him even more dangerous.

Then it was on, a battle so fierce that any watching would not have guessed how closely the two had become. Simeon swung his axe as if he was going to chop down a tree, but the agile dwarf leaped over it. Duluth could not advance, however, for Simeon had the axe ready for another strike. This one was an uppercut coming in quickly to cleave the his foe.The werebadger ducked and shifted, putting his body out of range; then he rolled in close to the young man. Duluth came in hard with his vicious claws, but Simeon was parrying them all with his axe handle. It was quite impressive but the dwarf was quicker and he landed a punch to the man’s ribs. Both knew that if Duluth had wanted to, he could have gutted Simeon right then.

Duluth backed off, that round was his. Simeon nodded, understanding what he needed to work on. The man came on hard once again, swinging hard and fast. Even when it seemed impossible for Duluth to dodge, the dwarf somehow managed. However, the dwarf made a mistake; he got too close to Simeon. The man launched a strong kick that stunned the dwarf, and that moment cost him. Simeon had his axe against Duluth’s throat before the dwarf could react. They broke again. They were even.

The dwarf had one more lesson before they called this session to an end. He put himself in perfect range for an overhead chop, a move Simeon loved to execute.Among nearly any other foe, the move would be lethal. Only a very well trained fighter could keep up with Simeon and his nasty axe. Down came the axe and Duluth dodged at the last second. Before Simeon could react, though, the quick little badger had jumped on the back of his axe head, perched neatly. Simeon’s muscles flexed to pull his weapon from the ground and send Duluth flying, but at the same instant the werebadger’s head shot forward and down. Wood splintered and Simeon flew backward, landing on his back violently. In his hand was a broken piece of wood.

When he sat up he saw Duluth, no longer in badger form, with his arms propped on the half-buried axe head. The dwarf was shaking his head, laughing at Simeon. The man started to protest, but the dwarf raised a hand to silence the young warrior.

“Now what ye got to do your fighting with?” Duluth looked at the axe, then looked back to Simeon. The young man looked confused. What was the dwarf getting at? “Your axe is gone, now how would you fight?”

Simeon looked at his hands, and threw the handle down. He raised his fists. “I got these!”

“Aye, and they’d be serving ya fine in a tavern scuffle. But would ya want to go toe to toe with a giant who was carrying a spiked club? What about a pack of foul, stinking trolls?” Duluth moved to stand in front of his large friend. Even sitting down, Simeon was still looking down on his companion. “I want you to start having a back-up weapon, just in case.”

“I like my axe, or I did before you broke it,” Simeon teased.

“Bah, I’ll be fixing your axe up right so that it won’t break so easy next time. I also have a couple of surprises for ya waiting in town, but only if ya promise to work with a new weapon for a while.” Duluth offered a hand to the man. “Deal?”

Simeon took the hand without hesitation, “Deal!” Duluth yanked him up and patted his hand.

“We will set out early tomorrow, so be gettin’ ready. I ain’t waiting on ya.” Duluth tried to sound tough, but Simeon knew better. The man nodded and went to the cottage while Duluth went to get a new handle for Simeon’s axe.

Duluth loved the young man like he was his own son. Simeon had a strange past that the werebadger could not hope to relieve him of. The few years of Simeon’s life had been marked by death,deceit, and darkness. Even through all the torment, Simeon’s eyes remained bright. Duluth admired his toughness. The young man was more like a dwarf than anyone he had met in all his long years. Yeah, Duluth loved him and Simeon returned that love in kind.

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We are up and running on our new world, Unitus. 

Stop by and start this journey with us.

Here are my companions on this project.

Paul Davis 

Christine Haggerty

Cody @ FotS

D. James Fortescue

Check out each of their sites for a real treat, and then jump on over to the new site.


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