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Some old Sketches for a Collaboration that never came to fruition




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Ahnzil the Punishment


I started my sketch of Ahnzil, using pencil as usual; however, my son set his red velvet cupcake down on my villain’s face. I decided to go ahead and ink the face and pretend that the stain was a blood splatter from a recent victim.

I still on plan on finishing a pencil sketch showing the enormity and overwhelming nature of Ahnzil the Punishment.


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The Sect trader tried hard to steady his heavy breaths. He was exhausted, and wondered how such a large creature could keep up with him. The Sect, Dunnsho, believed that he had finally managed to lose the hulking brute. Being so thin, Dunnsho had managed to press himself into a small groove under the bottom of another vendor’s wagon. His long and slender hand’s were surprisingly strong and held him tightly in place He smiled, despite the danger. If he could escape this particular endeavor, the years of selling worthless items to the unknowing Reptis people would be worth it.

Dunnsho did not realize that it was no ordinary hunter that stalked him now.

“Away, all of you!” commanded a strong and resonating voice.

Dunnsho heard the vendor’s in the courtyard scramble to obey the commands of Ahnzil. Dunnsho was once again amazed at how quickly Ahnzil had caught up. There was a fleeting thought of trying to talk his way out of trouble, but remembering the look of the large Reptis quickly squashed that idea.

Dunnsho could hardly see anything from his angle under the wagon, only a few feet from either side. So he could not see as Ahnzil paced around the courtyard, but each heavy footfall caused sand to fall from the bottom of the wagon. Closer and closer, until finally the vibrations ceased. Dunnsho did not dare to even draw a breath. Many anxious moments passed, but it seemed like a lifetime.

All of the Sect trader’s shady dealings came rushing to his oxygen deprived mind. The faces of all of the people through the years that he had wronged swarmed upon him in a swirl. Large, insectile eyes of a young boy he had robbed many years ago looked on him once again. Finally, in a climactic flash, an image of his former lover caused him to cry out. He had used her for his simple pleasure, and then left her with many children.

Before he realized what was real and what was a dream, Dunnsho stood before Ahnzil “the Punishment”.

“I am sorry,” Dunnsho managed. He wasn’t even really speaking to the Reptis, but was attempting to gain some sort of forgiveness from all of those he had wronged. Dunnsho looked at Ahnzil with a longing in his eyes. He wanted absolution.

“You will find no solace here,” Ahnzil stated. “Your sins have found you, and now you die!”


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Ahnzil the Punishment

Ahnzil is modeled after the dinosaur called Ankylosaurus. He is a large Reptis who is called upon to find and kill the traitor, General Squan. Ahnzil earned the name “the Punishment” from his cruel dealings with any that fall away from the graces of Lord Gish. I picture Ahnzil as a cleric-type character, heavily armored and wielding a large mace. I will provide a sketch (you knew I couldn’t resist) as soon as possible.

Until then, feast your eyes on the beginnings of what I hope to become a nice villain for the lands of Dessilus.




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Sketch for Dessilus

Undead Master

I am thinking of using this character as a sort of “slave master” for the dwarves of Echo. He is cruel and lacks tactical charisma. He carries the Lens of Nexum, which allows him to determine the value of the items the dwarves are finding in the ground of Dessilus.

I am looking for any suggestions on a name for this guy. Help me out


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New Sketch

Sand Walker


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We are well underway on our collaborative world, Unitus. This will be a more interactive world where we encourage people to give us ideas about stories and characters.

Please, hop over and check out the fun and exciting writings of Unitus. 

Unitus Logo

There are 5 distinct lands, each created by a separate author.

Dessilus by me

Asamai by D. James

Islands of Insight by Christine

Sesho Region by Cody

Jandor by Paul


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