Zipporah DuVorr

Race – Half elf

Height – 5’9″

Weight – 145 lbs

Hair Color – White hair, but she dyes it often

Eye Color – Green

Weapons – Bracer of Lightning

Armor – None

Zipporah is a shoki, or demon hunter. Her bracer fires bolts of lightning as well as amplifies her natural ability to read minds. She is masterful at disguises. Zipporah is also an adept potion maker. She travels with a small dust elemental named Syris.

Zipporah’s father was an elf. Her mother loved him, although he left them both. Zipporah’s mother married a human man, who loved and cherished both Zipporah and her mother. He was never able to compete with the memory of the elf, however. Zipporah was always curious about her “real” father, although she didn’t remember him at all.

Zipporah is in Shadowmire at the instruction of her mentor, Kenji Toison. Demonic activity was reported in Shadowmire, and Zipporah aimed to purge the therian city. She teams up with Slanter as he seeks his revenge. As always, Syris is by her side. The three of them find Penn and the real adventure begins.

Featured in : Zipporah’s Revenge,


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