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Fixing Up

I realize that I need to update some of the links on the site. I also realize that I have a couple of unfinished stories lingering around out there. Ties That Bind is nearing completion and I have been putting off ending it due to the fact that I enjoyed the characters so very much. Demon Wrought is just getting started, and I am waiting until the summer to really try to tackle this more adult project. Zoe and the Outcasted will not take very much time at all, but I simply have not had time to run with it.

All in all, the site needs some love from me. I have sketches to add, and stories to link. I really want the site to be easy to access, with information no more than two clicks away. I will get there. Stay with me.


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Qari and Rolo

That is right, folks; Rolo is the winner of the anteater naming contest. I would like to thank FOTS Fantasy for the winning submission, and also thank everyone for their great ideas. Some of you may remember a while ago I posted a picture I drew of a man in a skull helm. I decided to use that drawing for Qari. These two characters are enjoyable to write about. I look forward to advancing their storyline.


That brings me to the blood monkeys. They, too, will be further explored in the coming chapters. I like the idea of vine strewn temples offered up by Monkey Blood.  Some of the blood monkeys will have been taught speech by the demon monkey. They make spears and other crude weapons and tools. There will be a few surprises in their society, however.

Blood Monkey


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In the mountains near Yendar a group of monkeys were enjoying a bath in a hot spring. Snow fell on the simian creatures, but they did not even notice. They were too busy splashing in the nice warm water to care about anything. A smaller monkey groomed a larger, picking at his fur affectionately.

A shrill cry caused the monkey’s eyes to widen. With a series of hoots and calls, the primates located the potential threat. There was a large balloon-like mass floating in the sky. Hundreds of long tails dangled from the body, blowing in the snowy breeze. The creature made no quick movements and had no eyes, so the monkeys ignored it.

Except one little curious fellow. He climbed out of the water, and made his way toward the strange creature. The little monkey scampered through the snow and climbed a rocky ledge to get closer to the strands. He hopped all around, unsure if he should touch them. After several moments of indecision, the monkey’s curiosity got the best of him and he reached out to touch one of the tendrils. Immediately the hundreds of other strands converged on the poor monkey’s arm.

The monkeys in the hot spring hooted and howled as one of their own was carried lifelessly away by the vapor jelly.

I added two new character sketches, both from my new story Ties That Bind. The second chapter is on Legends Undying right now, and will be placed on my page on Saturday. Go check it all out.


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Tagline Poll (Vote, it’s your right)

I asked for some ideas for a new tagline, and we had a few suggestions. Thank you to all who submitted.

Also, a few fun things for you to enjoy tonight.

Penn's first experience with a slime!

Penn’s first experience with a slime!

And for my friend at Monkey Blood…

More Blood!

More Blood!



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Blood Monkey

I asked a friend, MonkeyBlood, if I could do a sketch of his monkey god, so here it is.

"More Blood"

“More Blood”


So the plan for my storyline is to have this monkey be possessed by a blood demon. The blood demon is not to be confused with a vampire, although both feed on blood. Unlike a vampire, the host of the demon can remain in the sunlight. Also, the demon host needs much more blood to sate his appetite. I already have a story in place where this character can neatly fit in. Hope you folks enjoy. As always, any comments and ideas are appreciated.


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